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best African restaurant USA 

African Inspired | American Made 
Afra Grill began with the inspiration to introduce traditional African flavors into our community of Columbus, Ohio. We wanted to give our community access to the diverse and unique flavor profiles of Pan-African cuisine in a contemporary, casual setting. Our food is designed to be customized to your culinary preferences, thereby enabling you to sample all the various cultures that have influenced the African diet. 

At Afra Grill, we take you on a trip around the world, exposing you to the nuanced, multi-cultural flavors of Pan-African cuisine. But it isn’t just about the food……. It's about our employees, the community, and yes, it's about our future and the environment.

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We believe that the heart and soul of Afra Grill is its employees. As they say, “Charity always begins at home.” The primary responsibility of Afra Grill management is to ensure that our team members are happy and satisfied with their jobs. To make sure we deliver on this commitment, we have in place five principles

1. Paying and Treating Employees Fairly

2. Providing a pathway to progress and              professional development

3. Learning, Development and Personal Growth

4. Input to the Decision Making

5. Cultivating a Culture of Acceptance and Respect

We believe in serving our community beyond providing them fresh and nourishing food. We have five community pillars to enrich the lives of local individuals:

1. We offer a small conference room with seating for 10. There is no cost, just a reminder to book in advance. The conference room can be utilized for group meetings, business presentation, seminars, classroom, etc. Our home is your home!

2. The interior walls of the restaurant highlight the American Constitution- a beacon of hope and promise for any immigrant, regardless of home country. This demonstrates our commitment to inclusion and love of different cultures. 

3. We endeavor to reach out and collaborate with academic and non-profit institutions to promote multi-cultural learning through gatherings and featured classes.

4. Our children’s program features various competitions, designed to engage and enlighten children about other cultures. These competitions will result in winners being awarded laptop computers.

5. We offer and/or facilitate free professional advice sessions on the topics of law, business and education that will be held in Afra’s conference room. This demonstrates our goal to strengthen our community

Green Plants

In order to make our restaurant more eco-friendly we do the following:

• Use Eco Friendly cleaning products

• Reduce our paper consumption

• Shop Locally

• Use Sustainable Equipment

• Minimize usages of water, electricity, paper products and non-recycleable products.


Value Propositions: What makes us unique 

the taste of africa

community service

your meal, your way

fresh and healthy

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